My Morning Rush Top Ten Entry

Chico and Delamar are probably a couple of the most successful disc jockeys (DJ's) ever to ride the FM Band racetracks. They're currently over at DWFM Monster Radio RX 93.1.

They've been in the business for decades. Not that they're old though. But they certainly have a big following especially in their segment called the Morning Rush's Top Ten.

When I was still working, I'd listen to the Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar program virtually everyday. I'd tune it to their radio program as early as 6am. As I drove to work, the program kept my cool whenever there was heavy traffic on the way.

Although I'd switch stations to listen to some news on the AM band, I'd try to always catch the Top Ten segment batches. Chico and Delamar would air 5 of the top winning entries every 30 minutes, so there would be a Top Ten every hour.

A Rusher's Pride

Chico and Delamar called the fans of the Morning Rush Program as the "Rushers". At the start of the program around 6 AM, Chico and Delamar would announce the day's topic or question. Rushers would send their entries to respond to the topic or question and the radio hosts would pick their top 10 winning entries every hour.

Every morning I'd hear from the program dozens of Rushers sending their entries via text. Sure enough, Chico and Delamar would select the funniest or wittiest entries. Occasionally, I'd hear about some Rushers expressing envy and that their entries weren't selected.

I could relate because the Top Ten entries are really good and that's only possible when there's a large pool (many entries sent in) to select from. So it's always a Rusher's pride for his entry to be selected in the Morning Rush Top Ten.

My Top Ten Entry

I remember it was close to December in 2007 when at the start of the day's program, the topic announced was:

"The Top Ten Unique or Strange Christmas Traditions or Christmas Decors"

Only one thing popped in my mind. This was the Christmas Tree pictures that I've been taking of my four kids every Christmas. For the past several years I've taken pictures of my four kids with our Christmas tree as background.

In the Christmas of 2004, the kids replayed their poses in the previous year and that gave me the idea of continuing the practice. In the following year's Christmas (of 2005), I was already putting together a Christmas Collage that I sent to my friends as my Christmas Card via email.

So, yes, that was THE entry to beat, I thought. Talk about a square peg in a square hole!

And I wasn't disappointed. I sent the entry while I was still at home preparing to leave. When I reached the office parking lot, I heard it announced on the radio that it won the top spot! Wow.

Here is the Audio Clip

In the clip, you will hear Chico announce my name as BLACKDOVE, of course.

The audio clip is only 1 minute and 1 second long, so go ahead and click the Play Button.

If you want to hear the Top 3 entries of that batch, you may want to click on the play button below. It's a countdown, so you will hear the 3rd entry first. My entry is number 1 and will be at the latter part of the short clip. The total length of the audio clip below is only 1 minute and 49 seconds.

If, for some strange reasons, the player above doesn't appear, download the mp3 file from this link. Hover your mouse over the link, right-click and then save-link or save-target to your computer. The file's name is UniqueTop3.mp3

The Morning Rush Top Ten Archives

Of course, had I known that it won, I would've recorded the day's radio program on my old trusty cassette tape (yeah, really low tech). But then, I was already at the office at that time, so it was a bummer. I felt ecstatic that my entry was selected, but felt a little sad that I wouldn't have a recording (and proof!) of it.

Ah, but many years later, I appreciated the miracle of the internet all the more. This is when I learned that some kind soul's hard work has archived the radio program's recordings! This person comes by the handle of Blue Ritz and he (she?) maintains the archives at Thank you so much, Blue Ritz!

The entire collection of Morning Rush Top Ten segments is over at Blue Ritz's November 2007 Page. The file is under the date November 27, 2007, with the topic "Unique or strange Christmas traditions or Christmas decors."

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