Best Anti-Tick and Flea Spray for Dogs

Although I've been applying the my Best Anti-Tick Solution for Dogs in powder form for quite sometime, I've been toying the idea of applying Sevin powder to my dog while bathing her. That means being able to bathe the dog while at the same time applying an anti-tick treatment.

I hesitated with the idea though because I was thinking that slowly pouring the Sevin mixed with water on the dog would be wasteful. Imagine the Sevin mixture just dripping off from the dog's fur and then going down the drain, not to mention that which the dog shakes off after getting wet.

But then, I got tired of applying the Sevin anti-tick treatment as a separate activity and thought of spraying (not pouring) the Sevin mixture while bathing the dog.

  1. Remove Ticks and Fleas.

    Prior to bathing and treating the dog, you'd need to remove as much ticks and fleas as possible especially in areas around the face, ears, snout and mouth area. This is because you'd want to avoid spraying too much anti-tick solution to the dog's ears and face.

    Inspect the face of the dog and remember the folds of skin under the ears where ticks and fleas hide.

  2. Prepare the Sevin Anti-Tick Solution.

    In a hand sprayer, mix a tablespoon of Sevin with a liter of water. Be careful not to inhale the Sevin powder while doing this.

    For details on the Sevin powder see this article: Best Anti-Tick Solution for Dogs. Wear a face mask if you have to.

  3. Mix Thoroughly

    Be sure the Sevin solution in the sprayer is thoroughly mixed by first swirling the bottom of the sprayer and then shaking the sprayer up and down as shown below.

  4. Bathe the Dog

    Wet the dog thoroughly with a hose and then apply your favorite shampoo or soap to work up a lather.

  5. Apply the Anti-Tick Mixture

    With the hand sprayer pumped and ready, proceed to apply the Sevin mixture into the dog's coat especially in the neck, chest and armpit areas. Do this by keeping the sprayer's nozzle in contact to the skin. The spray should be a steady jet, and your application should feel like "injecting" the dog with the nozzle.

    Here's the hand sprayer nozzle being "injected" in the dog's armpits with the sprayer sending out a steady stream. The dog doesn't seem to mind this at all and may find it soothing.

  6. Work the Anti-Tick Solution into the Lather

    While spraying directly on the dog's skin, work the Sevin anti-tick solution into the lather. If you feel ticks and fleas on the dog's coat with your fingers, try scratching or scrubbing them off with the aim of at least dislodging them from their attachment to the dog's skin.

    There's no need to pull them out individually. By dislodging them, the dog ticks and fleas would have to crawl and be exposed to the tick treatment solution.

  7. Spray the Dog

    After working the anti-tick solution into the lather, back off with the hand sprayer from the dog and continue spraying the jet stream on the rest of the dog's body as shown below.

  8. Treating the Paws for Ticks.

    The dog's paws are a favorite hiding place for ticks. They're usually in between the digital pads of the claws.

    Unfortunately, most dogs are sensitive in these areas and don't want you prying and separating the claws to pick the ticks.

  9. Dip the Paw into the Solution

    In this case, you have the option of pouring some of the anti-tick solution in a small disposable shallow cup. Hold the dog's leg and gently maneuver the paw into the anti-tick solution.

    Totally submerge the dog's paw in the anti-tick solution for at least 2 minutes. Do this for all four legs. The ticks may not dislodge immediately but will eventually die from the poison.

  10. Leave the Anti-Tick Solution on the Dog

    Leave the dog and let the soap and the dog anti-tick solution on the dog for around 15 minutes.

  11. Rinsing and Respraying

    After 15 minutes, give the dog a good hose down and let the dog shake off the remaining soapy water and solution.

  12. Re-apply the Anti-Tick Solution

    When the dog is no longer soaking wet, and much of the skin is exposed, reapply the anti-tick treatment. This time, adjust the sprayer's nozzle to shoot a finer mist-like spray as shown below. Be sure to spray the entire body. Leave the treatment on the dog and don't wash it off with water.

  13. Drying the Dog's Coat

    After 30 minutes, use the dog's towel to dry its head, ears and face. Use the same towel to pat dry the rest of the dog's body. Leave the dog to air-dry its coat completely.

If there is leftover tick and flea treatment solution in the sprayer, spray it on areas where the dog likes to lie and play. This may be in the lawn, porch, parts of the garden, garage, and so on. Apply the remaining tick and flea treatment solution in the disposable cup in these areas as well.

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Jordan Silva said...

Can i spray this on their face???wont it be harmfull if i do that??

Blackdove said...

Thnx for dropping by, Jordan. I don't think the dog would mind if it was a fine or mist spray. I do that in my final spray.

Anonymous said...

sir hindi ba mamatay ang aso kapag dinidilaan nya ?

Blackdove said...

As long as you follow the directions on the Sevin packet, then your dog will be fine.

Andrea Fe said...

Thank you so much for the info
namumulubi na kasi ako kakafrontline
8 pa dogs ko :( yung isa nadali na ng erchelia ba yun... buti gumaling ng husto.
This is really helpful salamat ulit

MîdNîgh† said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Blackdove said...

Hi. I'm sorry, I'm neither an animal care professional nor a veterinarian. Everything you need to know about the product's use may be read on the packet label. Thanx.

Merry Jane Ocol said...

Will try dis.. Having problem with my dogs as they infested with ticks and fleas and having a hard time removing them.

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you know where I can buy Sevin? Thank you.

Blackdove said...

Agriculture and poultry supply stores would have them.

Unknown said...

Can i use the liquid mixture to spray our room where our dog sleeps?

Blackdove said...

It may NOT be a good idea to spray where people may be sleeping or staying (like in your room). When the liquid dries, the powder will still remain and is toxic.

Gellie said...

Hey blackdove, :-) what do you call that nozzle you use to spray? Hm is it and where did u get them from? Looks cute and very handy

Blackdove said...

Hi Gellie. It's a garden sprayer. There's a pull rod on top that you pump it with to build pressure. It's cheap and I bought it for less than Php200 at Ace hardware. There are other brands that you can buy from the garden section from other hardware stores. It's a bit more convenient than the ordinary manual hand prayers, especially when handling a dog.

Anonymous said...

How often can i bathe my dog with this? My dog has a nasty tick infestation. Thanks.

Blackdove said...

Every one or two weeks is okay, but you do need to supplement that by manually deticking your dog. It depends on how bad the infestation is.

bar said...

Hi Sir! Good day! Thank you for this article. I will definitely try this method for my dog. Pati puppies nya, nahawa na pero 3 months old na naman yung puppies at di na sya nagpapadede so I think safe na to try this. I just want to ask the following:

1. Which of the two method is the most effective?

2. Is it safe if I will apply both method? I will bathe the dogs and puppies with the liquid solution then apply the powder solution afterwards?

Thank you and god bless!

Blackdove said...

Hi bar. Either one works. Both are safe. You may do both.

Anonymous said...

Hood Day Blackdove, there is no instructions / directions on how to make liquid solution at the back of sevin dust packet, only the flour ratio, is your liquid solution (1L water + 1 tablespoon sevin dust) came from Bayer or just yours?

Blackdove said...

I have read the ratio mix somewhere. I have forgotten if it was from Bayer documentation.

bar said...

I have tried the liquid solution and its safe. I apply the powder mixture afterwards when their already dry. My dogs now are free from ticks and fleas. Even the ticks and fleas that nesting in our garage walls dies after spraying them with the liquid solution. I saw them all in the floor the next day when I swept the floor.

May nakilala ang tatay ko na breeder ng German Sheperds. Sevin din pala ang ginagamit nya.

Thank you Blackdove for sharing this.

Blackdove said...

You're welcome, bar. Share the link and spread the news!

Anonymous said...

Good Day po, safe po ba sa pregnant dog ang liquid solution mo po? more thanks po.

Blackdove said...

Yes, safe for pregnant dogs but NOT for lactating or nursing dogs (feeding young pups).

Unknown said...

How bout Scabies
How to treat?

Blackdove said...

No idea for scabies. Sorry. None of my dogs had it.