Knee Pain Relief with Homemade Physical Therapy Bolster - Part 3

(This is the continuation of Part 2)

In Part 2, the assembly of a knee therapy bolster using a high-density pool noodle was discussed. Masking tape and cling-wrap tape was used to join the three pieces together. In this article, we discuss a cloth pouch to contain the three pieces permanently.

The cloth pouch not only contains the bolster and prevents it from coming apart, it also provide comfort to the user of the bolster. The polyethelene material and the grafting tapes cling to skin. The cloth texture of the pouch breaths and is more comfortable to the skin.

How to Contain the Assembled Bolster in a Pouch


  • Assembled Bolster
  • Cotton Cloth


  • Scissors
  • Pins and Sewing Kit


  1. Cut out some spare cotton cloth that will be adequate to cover the length and width of the bolster.

  2. Cut out two pieces of cotton cloth that will serve as the end covers of the bolster.

  3. Connect these three pieces using pins to fully cover the physical therapy bolster.

  4. Cut out the excess trim.

  5. Sew the three pieces together using different variations of the running stitch.

  6. Shown below is the finished covered bolster as seen from various angles.

  7. Once again, test the completed physical therapy bolster.

    Start of leg extension

    End of leg extension with knee lockout.

Advantages of the Homemade Physical Therapy Bolster for Knee Pain Relief

  • Width is Just Right

    Because of its custom-sized width (8-inches), the homemade physical therapy bolster does not stick out unnecessarily when in use. It doesn't touch the relaxed or straightened leg when the other leg is exercised.

  • Leg Does Not Dig into the Bolster

    Unlike the improvised pillow, this homemade therapy bolster remains firm yet lightweight. The pillows tend to be too soft and its easy for the leg to dig into the soft material. This lowers the height or level in the course of the exercise. This therapy bolster maintains its height all throughout.

  • Material is Light and Compact

    The dense foam is light and easy to put away after use. I just push or kick it away to the side or to the foot of the bed when I'm done exercising at night. This is so convenient especially when you're quite ready to go to sleep.

  • Easy to Position

    This homemade therapy bolster doesn't need to be set up to be used. Any of the three rounded edges may be positioned under the knee for the exercise. This means any two rounded edges of the bolster may function as the base of the bolster. You don't need a specific position. Just rest the bolster on any of its three sides and you're ready to exercise.

  • Does not Deform

    The bolster is made of tough dense foam and doesn't deform from the weight of the leg even after repeated exercise.

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