Exercise in a Balance Stepper without Tension Bands - Part 2

(This is the continuation from Part 1)

From what I've read in the online reviews and opinions, there are some instructions to limit workouts up to 15 minutes only. I believe the reason is because the hydraulic pistons generate friction and enough heat after a few minutes.

Here are some opinions and feedback I read on the Sunny Health and Fitness Twister Stepper. Some of them came from different sources.

"The instructions say to limit workouts to 10-15 mins??? WTH? Im assuming thats to prevent a heat build up from friction, but 15 mins?
"I believe it does heat a bit beneath the peddles, but you won't notice."
"Please heed the ten minute limit. The fluid inside the piston will heat as you work and leak if overheated."
"The machine is virtually silent for the first 10 min then you can hear hissing sound coming from the two resistance air-pumps, these two pumps do heat up a little after 10 min of use - which I think causes the hissing sound."
"The instructions say that you should use only 15 minutes at a time, I assume because the parts heat too much with use, which I think limits the functionality."
"The instructions recommend not to use longer than 15 minutes, I assume because the parts heat up. I found this somewhat limiting."
"Hydraulics can heat up so be sure to adhere to the recommended time limits."

I think the issue of the hydraulic pistons heating up isn't hard to believe. But certainly, 15 minutes is too short.

Most of my workouts are 30 minutes minimum - but that's on the balance stepper. I've no idea how tired I'll be with this particular stepper after 15 minutes.

Again, I'm just assuming that the JKexer and the Sunny would have the same limitations because both have similar hydraulic cylinders that provide resistance.

Removing the Tension Bands of the Balance Stepper

Finally, I just decided to remove both tension bands of the balance stepper. The frame is still solid and there is no sense throwing the balance stepper away. But there's no sense using it as is (unbalanced) either as this may get me injured.

Removing the bands from the balance stepper is a little harder that I thought. Here are the steps:

  1. Detach the computer panel. This panel contains the LCD monitor that gives the results for number of steps made, calories burned, etc. Use a phillips-type screwdriver to remove 4 screws that attach it to the frame. I had no qualms removing this because firstly, I don't look at it; and secondly, I believe the battery ran out.

  2. Removing the panel exposes the main center rod. One of the rings of the tension band connects to this center rod. With two allen keys, remove the allen bolds on both ends of the center rod. You need two allen keys because the allen bolts oppose each other.

  3. With a wrench or pair of pliers, remove the bolts on the side rods which are located under the foot pedals. The side rod is where the second ring of the tension band attaches.

  4. Remove the tension bands. Here's one of the tension band, the one that isn't broken.

    Notice that when bent, it too already shows the cracks that had developed over the years of wear-and-tear.

  5. With a sharp cutter, cut the rings out of the already broken tension band.

  6. Replace the cut rings of the tension band into the side rods. These would act as spacers or fillers in the absence of the tension bands.

  7. Return and re-screw the bolts of the side rods. Here's the balance stepper now without the tension bands and panel.

(See Part 3 for the continuation of this article)

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