Losing Fat by Intermittent Fasting 10 - How to Take Turmeric Powder

I wanted to continue the 1MAD (1 Meal A Day) today, since I'm targeting 2 1mads in the week. This is in line with the goal of progressive 1mads. 1 1mad in week 1; then 2 omads in week 2, 3 in week 3 and 4 in in week 4. All other days will still follow the 23:1 ratio.

Breaking the One Meal A Day Pattern

Unfortunately, we had to go out today for chores: take the kids' computer for repair and then go to a Ace Hardware's customer service for a defective phone unit. Since my son was with us, we gotta feed him somehow. So I thought not to fuss too much with this pattern.

I decided to just do my 2nd 1mad tomorrow and just enjoy lunch with DH and son. So I had a good hearty lunch. Nothing is restricted in intermittent fasting. It's eat what you want during the time that you do feed. I sort of kidded DH by saying: "I don't care what you buy for lunch, just be sure there's plenty to eat!"

Curry - A Turmeric Alternative?

Today, at the supermarket in the afternoon, I was looking for Turmeric powder. My present supply (I bought for 28) is almost running out. I couldn't find any. I did find Curry Powder though. I do know that Curry Powder has Turmeric in it, in addition to others like cumin, coriander, etc. depending on the curry recipe. How much Turmeric? I don't know. But it will have to do. I do like the taste of curry though, so it doesn't matter.

Another condiment I bought was Chili Garlic sauce. I bought the Lee Kum Kee brand. No particular reason, other than to put some more flavor to the oatmeal, in addition to the turmeric.

Upon tasting it though, it was just a bit saltier than I expected. But I think that's okay. I read somewhere that turmeric can be bitter to the taste especially in higher amount. And that something salty would somewhat balance the taste. The chili garlic sauce is both salty and sour so, that fits the bill.

How I Take Turmeric for My Elevated Uric Acid

In my recent medical consultation after my blood chemistry results, the doctor advised taking turmeric powder. But my recent technique for taking turmeric wasn't successful.

So what I did next was to mix in the turmeric powder I bought to oatmeal. Unlike rice, oatmeal has a more gooey consistency and any powder added to it will likely stick to it rather than remain on the rice bowl or plate - which is a waste.

There are two ways that I could mix turmeric to oatmeal. By the way, from among the different type of oatmeal available in the supermarket, I always try to use the "Quick-Cook" kind.

  1. Put in three tablespoons of oatmeal into a small bowl. Add one-fourth tablespoon off turmeric powder. Mix the contents inside the bowl. Pour boiling hot water into the bowl. Cover the bowl and wait until the oatmeal is cooked.

  2. Same as above except that the turmeric is added only after when the oatmeal is cooked as shown below.

Of the two, I'd rather do the first method.

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