Losing Fat by Intermittent Fasting 9 - Weekday & Weekend Fasting Plans

The idea of an OMAD or One Meal A Day or 1MAD really interests me because of its simplicity. I may have this slight aversion of having to ask "Uhmm, what day is it today?" or "Is it Wednesday yet?" (assuming a M-W-F schedule).

But the concept of weekdays as opposed to weekends (or weekend days) is pretty much straightforward. Anytime of the week, most people easily have a good handle on when are weekdays and when are weekends.

23:1 Intermittent Fasting Ratio on Weekdays

This makes much more sense to me than a strict 24-hour fast. A 24-hour fast would mean your meal time, continually moving each day. So, if I have dinner (assuming a 1-hour feed) at 7pm and ends at 8pm, fasting starts at 8pm. Then a 24-hour fast will end at 8pm, where I would start dinner. Dinner ends at 9pm, when the fast starts. The 24-hour fast ends at 9pm and I have dinner at 9pm, etc. etc. You get the idea.

Even Jason Fung's interpretation of a 24-hour "Dinner-to-Dinner" fast in his book isn't really 24 hours, if you take dinner at a fixed time. For a fixed dinner time, a dinner-to-dinner fast would be less than 24 hours. It would be a 23:1 (or 23 hours) for a dinner allocated for 1 hour.

Cost Savings with Intermittent Fasting

Being the person in charge of washing the dishes, I find I have lesser plates and utensils to wash nowadays. So, yep the dishes turnover at the dish rack is now reduced.

Do I save on food? Yes, since I only now eat dinners

And then of course, there's the social aspect. Two of my kids are living with us. One is working and one still in Junior High School. By still taking dinners, I'm still able to see and talk with both of them over at the dinner table. So, yes, we all get to relax and enjoy talking with each other during this time.

16:8 Intermittent Fasting Ratio on Weekends

That's how it is with the weekdays. For weekends, I'm still thinking of doing the 2mad or 2 meals a day protocol. And that equates to a 16:8 protocol. I eat lunch at 12 noon and then have dinner up to 8 pm. And yes, I feast in between, meaning I take snacks.

That's why it's a 16:8 protocol. It means 16 hours fasting and 8 hours (12noon-8pm) of feasting.

Simple Intermittent Fasting Program

So, essentially, that's what I like with this Intermittent Fasting Program for weekdays and weekends: it's simplicity. I suppose I dislike having to explain some complex schedule to members of my family.

Since the schedule and protocols are straightforward, my eating times are easier to explain. Also, there won't be much confusion when it comes to planning for meals or eat-outs.

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