How to Revise and Proofread Text Quickly and Efficiently

How to Revise and Proofread Text?

Revision is one of the most responsible parts of preparing any academic assignment. Although many students neglect this process due to the constant lack of time, urges you to pay adequate attention to this aspect of writing. We have decided to collect different tips for students and other writers on how to make revision faster and more efficient.

The Most Effective Approaches to Revise Text

To begin with, you should have enough time to revise a text properly. Therefore, the main recommendation is to plan your working schedule so that to have enough time dedicated to revision and proofreading. Otherwise, you may leave out some small mistakes or typos. As for the methods of revision, here are some of them:

  1. Reread the text by yourself.

    This the simplest and the most widespread technique of text proofreading. Therefore, read the text carefully several times to ensure that there are no mistakes or inconsistencies left. Make sure you are not distracted and can concentrate on the text. You can also read the text out loud if it helps you to focus on the grammar.

  2. Read the text from the end to the beginning.

    This technique is similar to the previous one. However, it allows you to focus on the grammar instead of the logical flow and overall meaning. When reading the text sentence by sentence from the end to the very beginning, you begin noticing the minor mistakes you missed. This approach may take more time compared to the traditional proofreading, but the results will be better.

  3. Ask a friend to read your text.

    If you don’t have enough time to check your academic assignment on your own, or you want someone to provide you with an unbiased feedback, you may always ask your friend to proofread it. You may read your friend’s text in turn, this developing your proofreading skills. This approach has at least two benefits: first, you will help your friend with his/her own assignment. Second, your friend may give you some valuable ideas on how your text can be improved.

  4. Use online resources for revision.

    If you want to check a text quickly, you may use your personal computer for it. You may use spellcheckers, which are embedded in many word processors including the most popular Microsoft Word. To conduct a more careful proofreading, download your text to one of the online grammar checkers and enjoy the results. The most popular one is Grammarly, and you can use it for free.

  5. Use professional editing services in the Internet.

    There are also many different websites that provide professional proofreading and writing services. Professional writers may help you to not only write but also proofread and edit your text. Although quality editing services need money, the result will be excellent, so you won’t worry about your mark. Remember that proper revision needs time; therefore, try to prepare the text in advance so that to receive the edited version within the deadline.

Hopefully, all these simple hints and techniques will help you revise all your texts quickly and correct all mistakes properly.

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