How to Earn Money as an Academic Paper Writer

An academic paper writer: Who is he?

It is not surprising today for students to look for writing help online. The difficulty level of modern higher education makes young people look for assistance of academic writers. It is a real challenge to cope with writing thesis or a custom essay yourself so a professional help of a writer is of utmost importance. However, do we really know who these writers are?

There are several features that differ academic writers from others. First of all, these are people who have graduated from higher educational establishments and possess a Bachelor, Master’s or PhD degree. They have experience in the successful completion of the numerous academic papers in their major field and know the structure, features, and peculiarities of different college paper types. A paper writer should have a good command of the English language and be aware of the rules of referencing, citing sources, formatting styles and possess other important for a writer knowledge and skills.

Ways of earning money as a paper writer

Today, it has become very popular to work as an online writer. Some people try their hand at content creation, while the others offer paper writing with essay samples services. In general, there are two most popular ways to work as an academic paper writer:

  • Be a freelance writer;
  • Work for a writing service.

Both these ways have pros and cons, so let’s analyze what way is better.

  1. Freelance writer

    When you choose a path of a freelance writer, you should be ready to overcome a number of obstacles. A writer needs to be in a constant search of clients so it means that he should be active on different freelancing platforms. Moreover, he should prove his professionalism and qualification to convince clients to hire him and it is not an easy task for a beginner. It happens that young writers spend long months in search of clients but never find anyone. Even low prices do not draw their attention as they may be an indicator of a poor paper quality.

    You can earn your living as a freelance writer only when you confirm your professionalism and earn trust of the customers who provide your profile with numerous positive reviews.

    It might be a challenge for students to work with freelancers as well. It is not an easy task to find a good writer as you cannot check the quality of his services until you receive a final draft of the paper. Of course, you can look through a profile and examples of the completed by him papers but never get a guarantee that your paper will be excellent too.

    The greatest benefit you get working as a sole trader is getting 100% of your income. However, there are some underwater stones too as many freelance platforms charge a commission for every order. Of course, you can invest in your own website, but how reasonable is it and are you sure to be spotted?

  2. Writer employed in a paper writing company

    Another way to get money as a paper writer is to join a team of writers working for an online writing service. Popular online writing companies are in a constant search of qualified and talented writers because of the huge scope of orders. However, there are several obstacles to overcome on this way too. First of all, you should pass a test or complete one or a couple of papers for free to confirm your efficiency. There is no right to compensate on the quality of the papers as they are checked before the delivery and you can be easily fired for that. In addition, you should be ready to get only a percentage of the total paper cost charged from the customers.

    At the same time, being a member of the writing company staff guarantees you a number of unsurpassed benefits. You will not have to look for new orders as there are always enough of them on the to-do list. You can also get a professional help of editors or other writers if you have troubles with any paper as well as communicate with the client to learn the details and additional instructions as for the order.

Both these ways can be chosen by paper writers who wish to make money, however, what is good for one writer can be a disappointment for another one, so make your choice reasonably.

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