Student Life’s Realities

Entering to the university or any other institution is the beginning of an independent life. It’s like two different processes- on one hand, you are here to get to know something new and enrich your inner world and to get knowledge in the field you want to work in the future; on the other hand, as your parents don’t control you now, you want to enjoy this time and do whatever you want to do.

But remember that this world is absolutely different from the one you got used to living in. Interesting lectures, meeting new friends, lecturers are not like your teachers- it all waits for you. Alongside with these things be ready for essay writings almost every single day, the paper writing and thesis writing as well.

But to be honest, nowadays, studying at the university is not the same it was one decade or so ago. Students don’t have any desire to get new knowledge, they want to party and enjoy their life. For example, no one thinks about custom essay writing on their own, probably, because it’s easier to get custom essay.

Everyone questions why student life changed so fundamentally. Why students don’t want to study and get something new. Do people really satisfied with their knowledge and have no desire to enrich their inner worlds?

Students prefer partying all night long, and then skip lectures and when it comes to writing an essay, they ask writing essay service. As for me, it’s better to spend your time for studying now, because once you may have a chance to get a nice job with a big salary, but if you skip lectures now and think it’s all not so important, you have a possibility to lose this battle.

There are options for those who like going out and wants to have a good job, to be a good specialist and wants to have a bright future. Now it’s time for computers and if students don’t want to read books, then here is an option like listening to the audiobook or watching videos with any material you need. So, you can get writing help for your essays, thesis from videos, documentary movies. It’s way better to spend a couple of minutes watching a video than pay someone money for work you can do on your own.

As for me, here is the problem not only with students but with educators too. Nowadays there are not a lot of them who can present their subjects in the right way- the way students may like, it should be interesting and easy to perceive. We live in the time when technology progresses and there is the thing no one hears or know about before.

Ten or twenty years ago, people took sheets of writing paper and wrote their paperwork by hands. Now students can write it in an easier way because they have computers and look for necessary information on the Internet. You can sit at home and get every possible information; no need to go to the library or carry heavy books.

Let’s try to enjoy studying as much as you enjoy going out or watching the new movie in the cinema, or sitting in the café with your friends. Don’t think how difficult it can be now- just think how easy it can be in the future when you will have a high-paid job, your own home, car and don’t think where to take money because you have an opportunity to get everything you want.

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