How to Manage Your Stress

Nervous tension reduces productivity, spoils the mood, causes significant damage to health. Yes, it’s true. Fortunately, you can resist stress and even find some positive points in it. Just follow a few simple rules.

If you ever start thinking about why stressful feelings are so difficult to manage, so you’re on a right way. Now we just clarify the meaning and then we can move forward.

Stress is the body's reaction to irritation. This phenomenon is very individual. One person can perceive some situation as stressful, and another - cannot face or feel it at all. Depression, indifference, a sense of boredom may replace each other. The key to success is the ability to manage stress. Stress can be "positive" and "negative", "acute" and "prolonged". It is very dangerous for the body to have a prolonged stress because you can start feeling the depression.

How do we feel stress?

• You can sense feelings of anger, fear, excitement or helplessness;
• You may run into insomnia;
• You can feel pain in the head, neck, jaw, back, heart;
• You can start smoking, drinking, overeating and using drugs;
• You may not even live through all of this, but your body still suffers;

Try to understand that you should not avoid stress for any reason. Do not be afraid of it. In order to manage your stress, you need to use its useful functions and exclude maliciously. It is important to find your individual ways of protecting against destructive, long-term stress and calmly, without panic, to treat it.

First, remember that your main task is to learn to cope with your inner stress in the first minutes or even seconds of stress, at its first stage, without losing self-control and not spilling out your irritation to others.

Use these strategies that will help you cope with stress

  1. Learn to say "no"

    For many people to say "no" is a serious test. But do not be afraid of this word. If you have to refuse, avoid the phrases "I do not think I can" or "I'm not sure". The word "no", expressed in relation to new duties, is a way when you are stuck in activities and can’t hold everything by yourself. Try to ask for help at essay writing service like if you need to catch more opportunities in your life. Don’t close your eyes on hobbies and new interests, because academic paper help can reduce learning time.

  2. Turn down

    Thanks to technology, we can always stay in touch. It seems as if it should be so. But enjoying the peace of mind in your spare time is extremely difficult if email or call can interrupt it.

    Regular relaxations help to control voltage levels and rest. Being tuned to people round the clock can often exhaust you and increase stress factors in your life. But if you force yourself to go offline or even turn off the phone, your body and mind will thank you.

    If you can not ignore working contacts or endless education process in the evenings on weekdays, how about a weekend? Choose the right time and protect yourself from the cases. Don’t forget about paper writing service that can help you recharge in your weekly schedule.

  3. Neutralize unfriendly people

    An unpleasant person can upset, tire and cause stress. You can control the interaction with them, controlling your feelings. When you have to deal with such a person, try to make up your mind and don’t take seriously the situation. Take care of your emotions and do not allow anger or frustration to wreak havoc.

  4. Do not hold resentment

    It also causes stress. Just remember the reason for the offense, you are translating the body into the "hit or run" mode - a survival mechanism that prepares the body to fight the threat or escape from it. When the danger is in front of you, this reaction saves a life. But if the threat has passed, then the stress-borne stress only damages the body and can have a devastating effect.

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