Sporting Kids: How to Nurture their Potential

Actionable Tips for Nurturing Your Child’s Sporting Potential

How would you feel if you begat the William sisters, Lionel Messi, Tiger Woods, or Paul Tergat? Definitely, our experts and fellow parents at can guess that every parent would feel grateful and proud to be associated with these sporting giants.

Parenting a child who is highly gifted in sports is a privilege that also comes with heavy responsibilities—nurturing the young sporting talent. In this post, we shall share some practical tips that will help you to bring out your child’s sporting potential.

Do Enough Sampling Before Specialization

Unless your child has a very clearly pronounced talent that like the sporting icons we have mentioned at the start of this post, give them time to experiment with several sports before specializing in a given sport. The reason is that some people can start with gusto in football only to end up becoming professional boxers or vice versa. This way, you will allow them to minimize possible overuse, enhance their possibility to switch interests in the future, and allow them to decide their specialty carefully.

Provide Exposure

Exposure is just as important as training, and hence, if you want your child’s sporting potential to come out successfully, exposes them at an early stage. For instance, if your daughter wants to play tennis, and you live in the US, it is prudent to arrange for her to meet the William sisters on the court and watch them play.

If your son wants to be a great golfer, you can organize for him to meet or watch Tiger Woods on the golf course. Such exposure allows the child to gain the morale they need to push through their dream. An aspiring marathoner meeting and greeting Paul Tergat, the great Kenyan marathoner, can gain greater impetus to run than watching ten videos about Tergat winning a marathon.

Provide Mentorship

Mentorship is another tool you need to put in your child’s hand to enable them bring out their sporting potential. You should allow them to have a coach to they can submit and answer to. If they are playing on a school’s team, you should encourage them to remain accountable to the coach at personally. Remember, not everyone who played football with Messi in school is a professional footballer.

Develop Self-discipline and Management Skills

To help your child bring out their best sporting potential, teach them the value of self-discipline and management skills. If you want them to have a successful career in the future, teach them how to own the consequences of their actions, including performance on the sporting field. If you don’t, then they will end like Mike Tyson and Diego Maradona instead of Mohamed Ali and Pele. The difference between these contrasting pairs of boxers and footballers is personal discipline, not just talent.

With these tips in your heart and in action, we hope you will raise your child to become the next Pele, Usain Bolt, Serena Williams, and Roger Miller.

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