Making Money Online for Over 12 Years

Google sent an email to me today. In it is a graphic as shown below.

So, I've been earning from Google for 12 years and 4 months now! Wow, I can't believe it has been that long.

The email is apparently part of Google Adsense' celebration of its 15 years anniversary last July 1. It has the heading, "Celebrating 15 years of shared success". Many like it were sent to the millions of adsense publishers worldwide, customized of course.

Making Money with Blogs

Making money online has been a favorite hot topic ever since the internet and various media technologies came along. I've even used this same topic in a motivational speech I delivered entitled, "Earn Google Dollars with Blogs". In this speech I discussed, in a simplistic way, how one can earn dollars with blogs. This speech, as well as all speeches I delivered as a Toastmaster, are available in my speech website.

Here's the first of countless checks I've received from Google. This was way back in 2010.

Apart from this blog you're viewing presently, a couple of notable blogs I maintain are: Practical Gardening and Toastmasters Speeches.

Making Money with Youtube Channels

The graphic in the emails shows that my "most successful month so far was June in 2017". I believe this was the time when I successfully implemented Google Adsense in Youtube Channels that I set up and now maintain. These youtube channels are: Practical Gardening, Free Karaoke Songs, and My Home Gym

Do check them out!

So here's a toast to Google and all Advertisers and Publishers for a profitable 15 years of business relationships! And may there be 15 years more up ahead!

Here's Google's promotional Youtube video on Adsense's 15 years of existence.

Thank you, Google Adsense!

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Andrea said...

Hi Les, i made another blog coz i thought it will be approved by Adsense because my first was disapproved for reasons i don't know how to interpret and correct. Then that 2nd blog was disapproved also because it is attached to the first one. I don't know how to interpret their responses, so there i was disappointed. I started blogging in 2008. Whew!

Blackdove said...

Hello Andrea. Could you tell me the reasons they gave for disapproving? Maybe I could help.