Fitness Challenge Day 18

Day 18 Breakfast:
It's a two-part breakfast today. The club meeting I was supposed to attend did not push through. So yeah, I'm eating "lunch" at home.

Part 1: Black coffee, Pandesal with leaves and sandwich spread, Half egg.

Part 2: Chicken adobo, Black coffee, Green leaves, Pork caldereta leftover, Homemade achara, Fish sarciado and White rice.

Day 18 Workout:
Morning walk.

Weight Tracker
72.1 kg recorded at 5:45 am today.

LilySlim Weight charts

Going down again. The lowest so far in 7 days and in the whole challenge so far. 😁 Will I break the 70 kg barrier by Christmas? We'll see!

Here's something I read today in a comment to a Dr. Jason Fung interview video. The comment is from PinayVampire:

"It is EASIER for me to EAT NOTHING than to EAT LITTLE." Wow, this one statement resonates with me.

And Dr. Fung's simple rule-of-thumb from the same video: "Keep your your waist size, measured around, to half of your height."

How this Fitness Challenge Started

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