Fitness Challenge Day 29

Day 29 Breakfast at 8 am (above):
3-1 coffee, Sweet ham, Pandesal with sandwich spread and Vigan longganisa.

Day 29 Late Lunch at 5:30 pm:
Shabu-shabu with different tofu, Tempura, LKK sauce and White rice.

Day 29 Noche Buena Dinner at 11:15 pm
Brandy-wine combo, Chicken neck adobo, Spaghetti

Day 29 Noche Buena Desserts at 11:30 pm
Ref cake by Sandra and Choco mousse cake from Ching.

Day 29 Workout:
Long drive from our ancestral home in Pampanga back to Muntinlupa.  I wasn't feeling well on the drive back.  I must've caught the virus.  😵 Also attended the Panunuluyan at 8 pm and participated in the Midnight Mass's Candle Lighting at 9 pm.

Weight Tracker
73 kg recorded at 5 pm today before late lunch.

LilySlim Weight charts

73 kg !!! Here's hoping that would be my top weight for these holidays.😊

How this Fitness Challenge Started

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