Fitness Challenge Day 37

Day 37 Breakfast at 8 am (above):
Black coffee, Longevity spinach, Lechong paksiw, Hotdog, Scrambled egg with onions and White rice. Ferrero rocher chocolates for dessert.

Day 37 Snack at 2 pm:
Two choco bars and red wine with brandy to keep warm.

Day 37 Workout:
None. New Year's Day church service at 7:30 am.

Weight Tracker
72.4 kg recorded at 6:00 am today.

LilySlim Weight charts

There goes the slip up on the first day of the year. Ahahaha. Bro. John from the ministry has this abs challenge for himself as his New Year's resolution. Hmmm, really sounds interesting.

How this Fitness Challenge Started

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