Fitness Challenge Day 50

Day 50 Breakfast at 8 am (above):
Black coffee, Greens, Meatloaf with catsup, Sarciadong Tilapia and White rice.

Day 50 Breakfast Part 2 at 9 am:
Black coffee, 2 pcs pandesal with sandwich spread and greens and Ripe mangoes.

Day 50 Workout:
Morning Walk.
3 x 4 Assisted pull ups.
3 x 8 Hanging knee raises.

Weight Tracker
73.3 kg recorded at 6:00 am today.

Starting today, I'm adding a second chart as a continuation to the first one. As it turns out, the free online weight loss tracking chart I'm using (LilySlim) could only allow for 50 entries.

The second chart appears directly below the first (shown below):

LilySlim Weight charts
LilySlim Weight charts

How this Fitness Challenge Started

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