The Speedo Man

Free-7, Brst-4: Felt a little tired today. Aquaboy was here today with dad. Dad did the coaching. I wonder if HE could swim. Back streamline was worse today. Legs weren't just strong enough for brisk kicks. I wore the briefs style swimming trunks today. The present sun tan lines from the normal trunks look awful but hopefully they will go away in due time. The brief style trunks look like what the hefty guy at the right is wearing but mine are colored dark blue. Awesome, huh? And no, that cool dude in the red Speedos ain't me.

I'm raring to do the whole 25m. What are the options:
  • Really rest - 10 mins? after warmup
  • Do a long streamline. Dolphin at the slowing end of streamline.
  • Breath left, going. Breath right coming back.
  • Visualize completing the length.
  • Relax and deep breath before firing.
  • Be patient.
  • Roll the hips!
  • Start stroking when you FEEL to be at the surface already.
  • Avoid tension in legs.

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