2D Echo and Treadmill Results

5 laps: 2 widths of sidestroke, 1 length brst, 3 widths dog and tread. Tried out back balance. This can work well only if face is exposed and facing directly overhead. Head vertical only works at sea water. Didn't feel easy today. Felt heavy and wasn't streamlined in free. Still conscious of putting low profile in water when breathing. Still can't manage good hip rotation (side-to-side) without the feeling of fishtailing the legs. When dog paddling and treading, I felt the strain in the triceps. Felt the need of a good treading kick in the modified breast. This adds to the balance and continuity of the stroke.

The sidestroke today was a little more streamline than in the past. Again, air is important in the lungs and be relaxed. The head can be comfortable above the water. Need to focus on a more longer streamline (count 1 or 2 secs?) and relax while doing so. Again the secret is relaxing just like when doing the dog paddle and treading. Legs in free need to be more streamlined with narrower kicks.

I received the results on the 2d echo and treadmill stress test from Medical Center Muntinlupa. This followup test was requested by the company doc who found "Left Anterior Hemiblock" in my Annual PE results. Anyway, the cardiologist who conducted the tests said not to worry too much and said that this could just be the normal effects of "aging".

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