No Shorts Allowed !!!

I posed a question to a swimming forum about an American who was pissed coz he couldn't swim at a pool in the Czech Republic. There's a sign in the facility that said his shorts weren't allowed. See the sign at the left and notice that the approved swimming attire are illustrated below the banned shorts drawing.

Personally, I have no problem with the sign. I have and I don't mind wearing the swimming trunk shown on the left side of the poster. I probably could wear the one on the center as well. But the one at the right? Yikes! Out of the question. I just don't have the bod nor the guts to wear one . That T-letter thingie right there looks like a thong.

Anyway, the question elicited a LOT of reactions - some benign and some violent. You'll probably sense a hint of arrogance from some of the posts. Click the link below to see them:
USMS Discussion Forums - No Shorts Allowed !!!

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