Fins and Stretching the Dog

3 laps: 2 side, 3 dog, 3 tread. Still feeling the "blahs". Tried on the fins today. Wasn't much though. But it did bring back the proper feet/ legs narrow kicking profile. Did 2 laps with fins. Realized that I forgot to take Pritor. Could that be the reason for the blahs? Discovered that I could go farther with dog paddle by STRAIGTHENING out the arms infront and then GRIPPING and PUSHING water all the way back. Self, take your own advise from Apr21. Felt some pain later in my triceps and thighs. The tricep pain from treading/paddling and the thigh pain from low kicking in Dog. Should I go back to weights?

I'm still having gag-reflex when swallowing water. Was "barfing" underwater but still stroking and breathing air for 6 mtrs or 4 breaths. Should I learn to stop and tread and try to get composure first before resuming? The fins helped tremendously with backstroke. Maybe I should use them for backstroke drills.

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