Noontime and Nostalgia

DEasy: Today's workout was at noon. I had to pickup some old tapes this morning. Watching the videos of all the Blenders performances and the HOM numbers (Finance and IT) was so nostalgic. Those were the days. Most if not all of my choreographed numbers are now on the electronic video. No more tape jamming problems, mold problems and tape deterioration problems. If I have time, I'll have snippets of these precious videos posted in some website. Don't know yet how to do it but it will happen.

I had fun in today's noontime workout. I was so fascinated watching my hand's shadow racing past the pool tile's below. Time went by like a breeze. It's been a long time since I had a noon workout.

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Blackdove said...

Hi Arglen. Sure, go ahead and put a link!

Yes and thanx, I saw your reply and I've seen the website. It looks nice and serene (the actual site, I mean). I think the animals and the swimming would appeal to the kids.

My officemates, mostly guys, saw some of my printouts and were initially excited for a teambuilding place. Kaya lang kinilabutan when they saw "Prayer Cave" and "Garden of Saints". These guys mostly go for bilyarans and bidyoke. He.he.