Amber Gogs

SEasy: Forgot to take Pritor today so only a light sessions tho the sun was bright. I'm officially using the amber gog and ditching the old blue ones. The old blue one just has too much scratches on it. Swimming is such a joy when you can see clearly below and above the water.

Great news. A couple ones actually. Che got into top 10 in her class. Top 9 to be precise. Go Che! Another one: Irene got the results of her mammography. Results were unremarkable. Thank God. I was so elated that I had them bring their "report cards" to show in Pampanga and Makati.

Bad news. The pipe that goes into the water closet has corroded and just broke off last Sat. night. I don't know but I was just a little panicky that night. I'm not usually this way. But I'm thankful for DH for having the presence of mind and calmness to stick in a tree branch which temporarily stopped the strong leak. I was sore at Renz for asking too many questions at that point. I've tried to stuff it with Water Stop putty but it's just temporary. Better get a plumber for it.

Light news. We went to visit the Bacolor church coz there were displayed images of the Virgin Mary. Renz got a little scared coz some of the statues looked very sad, with the tears and all. While Renz and Irene were walking past the Nazareno, the following ensued:
    Renz: Bakit nakahiga si Jesus?
    Irene: Kasi pinatay siya.
    Renz: Sinong pumatay?
    Irene: Mga sundalo na Hudyo
    Renz: Sino yon?
    Irene: (getting lost for words, but finally thinking of the Moriones festival with the mask-wearing soldiers) Sila yung mga naka-maskara.
    Renz: Maskara? (it sounds like mas-KE-rah)
    Irene: Oo, sila yung naka-maskara.
    Renz: Parang si Batman?
The pic at the right shows the facade of the sunken Bacolor Church. The first floor used to be the second floor of the church. Although we are now standing infront of the entrance of the present church, that same spot used to be the BALCONY of the original church! The lahar flows of Pinatubo had buried the first level and is now underground. Mom and Auntie Conching (the last surviving siblings of 9) were happy that we took them around Bacolor on that day.

Here's a shot at the new terrace of the new house. It's so nice and so spacious.

Somehow, I got tired yesterday. I sawed and chopped wood, I sorted whatever junk was there in the cd shelves. Threw some old, uninteresting, pirated vcd's. I also made some new videoke vcds using the dirt-cheap blank cd's I bought from CD-R-King. Php 12 for Imation cd's! Too bad I didn't get to play with Renz with his new remote-controlled car given by Jess.

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