No Swim: Rainclouds and a slight drizzle this morning. I also have some congestion and an itchy sore throat. Must be the allergies again. I'm taking Virlix and Carbocisteine.

Somber news: Che's section placed 3rd out of 5 in the Speech Choir. It wasn't so much that they didn't get 1st that saddens her but that only the 1st and 2nd will advance to the finals. She's dissapointed coz she and her classmates put so much practice into it.

Update on leaking pipe. I finally slept soundly last night. We asked Mang Bert to assess the leaking pipe. He removed the pipe to expose the female connection in the wall. He said what's needed is a stopper male connection to plug it in. To temporarily close the hole in the wall he plugged in a rubber footing which fit nicely. Why didn't I think of that? All I was thinking was to dismantle the main gate valve. This way, there will absolutely be no water pressure to hit the newly mixed putty. In retrospect, maybe I shouldn't have used too much water when mixing the two compounds. The watered down putty mix was weak and the slight water pressure was enough to collapse the seal.

With what Mang Bert showed me, however, no dismantling was necessary. In fact, I could just put now WaterStop in the removed pipe, let it dry, teflon it and put it back in. Yup, some elbow grease and nothing to buy! I was so happy that I gave Mang Bert Php50 for practically nothing except for him showing me how the connections looked like and what I needed to do. Actually, he didn't want to accept the money and he gave me a spare Teflon tape roll in return. Okay, now I'm in charge.

Good news: We finally got the Superkalan spare parts namely the intensifier and the chimney last night. That's the old and the new intensifers on the left. We've approached the Natomo stall twice already in the past weeks and finally the parts were made available after I texted for them. The intensifier is Php250 and the chimney is Php150. Anyway, we're happy. Even with care, our old, rusted intensifier is slowly chipping away into a thin crown. I guesstimate it to have 6 months to 1 year more to live. It's just made of heavy G.I. sheet. The new version however is much thicker, heavier and is molded iron. It looks it'll last long with careful handling, ie, no dropping.Dinner was late last night coz of the leaking pipe and all, but I was so elated that I still practiced the piece at 10pm. I'm convinced that PLAYING SLOWLY is the only way to go to memorize a long and complex piano piece.

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