Allergies again

Still No Swim: The day's so nice and so bright but I still couldn't swim coz of my allergies. I'm coughing and still taking Virlix and Carbo. It's bad. It'll be tough to get into the same old groove of swimming next week.

Update on pipe leak: I was able to plug in the old tube after drying the putty inside and applying teflon. It was easy and worked okay. Che's attending their English workshop today and tomorrow. Tomorrow, we're attending Sandra's Parents Recollection for her first communion.

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arGlene said...

get well soon!

Good thing I found your URL at Raven's. I lost your link in my comment section bec I changed template. (You asked me where is Bluroze Farms)

Now I want to ask if I can link you up in my blog.


Blackdove said...

Thnx. Yes, go ahead and linkup !