Renz's 4th Birthday

Still No Swim: I'm still not feeling well enough to swim. Throat is itchy and still some coughing.

Today's Renz's 4th Birthday. Go Renz! Irene took the day off to cook spaghetti in the morning. Mama and Sam came to help. I took a half-day off at the office. First I had to deposit checks and then second, to write an lengthy update on my project. That's Che, Karen and Dada helping in sorting out the loot bags last night. Dada is up to her old silly monkey faces again much to the chagrin and annoyance of the older ate's.

We all went to the Daycare school at 10:30am with the food and goodies. We immediately served the spaghetti, puto and juice and then I took pictures. Tita Gay and the other guardians were outside the daycare center doing "yardwork" for a beautification project. After eating and before giving out the loot bags, we had to corral the little tykes into the corner where the Christmas tree was for a group picture. Yup, some of them wanted to go home already at this point. That's Renz at the center with Teacher Cristy.

Birthday dinner was oh-so yummy. Well, you can tell by the food on the table, no? We had great chicken, barbecue, some lettuce greens and a choco-mallows cake. Renz's purple shirt design was created by Ate Karen for a school project. Before dinner we had the traditional Christmas tree picture that is why they have the colorful shirts on.

That's one of the Christmas Tree pictures. It's a good thing that everybody was in a Christmassy, Birthdayee mood. The pictures turned out really well with all the smiles. Special thanx to Tita Ella for lending us their digicam. I'm still waiting for the charging cradle for my Casio digicam.

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