Ahhh... Water...

5 free (with fins),T,E: Still feeliing stuffy today but not sick enough to miss a cool swim in such a bright sun-shiny day! There was slight morning breeze and the water's c-c-c-cooollllddd. I've been out of the pool for almost 2 weeks so I used fins to ease into the water. Right after I cleared my nose after today's swim, my sinuses magically cleared! Hope it isn't temporary. After 2 weeks of no swimming, I feel like I gained weight.

Last Saturday (Dec10) was Sandra's First Holy Communion. Like her sisters before her it was held at the auditorium. Che and Tita Gay weren't with us coz they attended a film showing for the school. Picture at the left was taken before the procession outside the auditorium. While Renz and I were waiting inside the auditorium, Jamie Rivera's CD was playing in the background. I noticed Renz to be looking intently at the nicely decorated and well-lighted stage. The following conversation ensued:
    Renz: Papa, sino kanta?
    Me : Hmmmmm... ewan, siguro si Jamie.
    Renz: Sino Jamie?
    Me : Si Jamie... si Jamie Rivera iyon.
    (Renz's eyes wandered around the auditorium)
    Renz: Nakatago siya?

Here's a pic inside the auditorium right after the ceremony. Sandra's white dress was passed on by Ate Che and Ate Karen. But this time it had to be tailor-adjusted to fit her waif-like figure. Karen noticed that DH always wore that pink blouse every First Communion. DH naturally denies this but when I looked at the past pictures... ay, Caramba! Karen was right!

After LaCo we went to the office to get my Christmas CD. Luckily the guards weren't so strict coz there was a family healthday program going on. What a coincidence! Sure enough, there were kids at the clinic and at the lobby. Since I was bringing Tita Ella's digicam, I decided to take the kids in and have their pics taken at our lobby. The tall Santa, Tree and Frosty figures were a hit! Karen wasn't keen for a pictorial that day and so only Dada and Renz readily obliged.

To celebrate, we wanted to eat at Ho Chai Lai. But since we still had to wait for Che, we decided to just buy some nice dishes at Ho Chai Lai and eat at home instead. Besides, I was still groggy with all the anti-allergy pills that I justed wanted to go home, eat and sleep the whole afternoon. The cholesterol-laden "Pata Tim" was REALLY good! Yah that's the meaty one in the picture. So much for the diet.

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