Crowded Pool - Not !

No swim today: Woke up late at 6:45am. Sandra and Karen had no classes while Che had Math Day and Math Camp.

Maybe the following observation could be an addendum to my previous entry my home, the pool. When I read blogs and discussion fora about swimming in US pools, the phrases "circle swimming" and "swimming etiquette" invariably comes up. These concepts are practiced because of many people swimming and the limited space in pools. Sometimes due to overcrowding and other swimmers' inconsideration, tempers flare up like the familiar "road rage" on limited roads. Pool rage?

In contrast, over here, I have the pool pretty much all to myself, except when P decides to swim too. So, am I lucky? In a way, coz I don't have problems on space and availability. Unfortunately, this reflects how swimming is relatively unpopular or unappreciated in this country. This is ironic considering the circumstances so clearly explained in this article. With so few people interested and effectively participating in this activity, the downside is that swimming as a sport does not grow.

I'm changing the look of my blog. My entries sometimes get too wordy and I hate scrolling up and down the page. So I chose a template that has a wider column for the text. Like it?

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arGlene said...

I like it. :D This is better than the old one. And yeah, it has wider space for your posts.

Know what, I had a very traumatic experience in the pool 6 years ago and I really cried. Some guys in our group, we're undergoing a seminar back then forced me to swim because I was not in the mood then. What that guy did was he called up another 2 and they carried me forcibly at the pool. Then that one guy jumped na kasama ako. The pool's 10 ft deep. That really scared the hell out of me. I didn't feel well after that. I had to go home.

Blackdove said...

Thanx Arglene! I'm glad.

On that incident, yes, we have idiots everywhere :-). I doubt if those 3 guys cud even swim competently. On a side note, I guess we ALL have had painful memories of the water at one time. I remember when my dad attempted to teach me when I was a grader. I got so scared that not only did I cry but I also vomitted - much to my embarassment :( I then vowed not to go near pools. But then I lost out in the end coz I had to avoid swimming during boyscout campings, hikings and jamborees which were all fun activities.

It takes mucho practice, but I wanted to learn so even at a late age, I still took lessons and grabbed at opportunities to swim.