Basketball Court and the Ring

Yesterday: 3W T 75free: I cut short my workout today coz the workers had the basketball court up again. Naturally, they decide to play even with my car parked dangerously nearby. The side mirror's been hit once by the ball (no damage though) a long time ago. So with just a short session, I got out of the pool, showered and took off.

Today: 3W SEasy 75free: This time I parked farther away from the basketball court. Today was one of the quickest workouts ever. Maybe I didn't rest too long in between laps. But it definitely helps that I don't think about the workout too much and think of other stuff other than swimming.

Over the radio at RX 93.1, the topic was "What are your rules on love?". An answer one texter texted in was "You should always wear your wedding ring." And the dj's were both very much agreeable. I realized though that I've not worn my ring for such a loooong time. And the reason is it was too much hassle wearing and then taking it off in between swims and showers. It would just be risky to lose the ring either in the showers which do not have a floor strainer (open drain) or lose it in the pool! I've lost a swim noseclip in the pool and it was NEVER found.

I created a screensaver of the wedding fantasy shots in my laptop. The pics in that screensaver are here.

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arGlene said...

Should there be rules on love? Sigh. What a silly thing to ask...=(

I think I am slowly giving up on it.

Blackdove said...

The "rules", in the context of the radio program question, are some of your personal guidelines that you follow or impose upon yourself (or on your partner!).