VCO and a Simulated Ocean Swim

Yesterday: No swim. In the morning it felt like a typhoon with the strong winds. I think I know the reason now why the pool's been cold. The strong wind was blowing cold air and was cooling the pool water. That plus the fact that it wasn't totally sunny all day.

I've been taking VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) lately for its supposed health benefits. There's tons of info on it on the net. Anybody has personal experience with this stuff? A coworker of mine claims that she lost weight with it.

The brand I'm taking is Theraherb and comes in 2 flavors I think - Banana and Jackfruit. It's got the nice flavorful aroma alright but taking it in and KEEPING it down there is another matter! No wonder she lost weight with it. After taking this stuff, you'd feel so full in an instant. And I got this theory that since its oil, it doesn't mix well with the insides of our tummys which is watery. So the result? It is "repeled" by your insides and you get the feeling of nausea. That's my theory at least.

I also wonder about measurements. Most recommend 3-4 tablespoons a day. But what EXACTLY is a tablespoon measurement? If you look at measuring cups of liquid medz, 1 tbsp is 15 milliliters. This amount is much much more than what a kitchen tablespoon will contain. It's either that or we have some really teeny weeny tablespoons at home.

Today: 45mins nonstop. Water level at the pool today was high. And the water was chilly. Just for kicks, I decided to continually swim until 8am. No freestyle. No turns with kicks off the wall. No stopping to rest. Feet never touched pool bottom. Since it was cold, I'd knew I'd feel colder once I stop. It was all a mix of treading (headsup breaststroke), sidestroke and elementary backstroke. It was so relaxing and monotonous that I felt like I could sleep. There was only a couple of times that my forehead got wet and got water up my nose. And that was coz I lost paying attention.

After the session was over, my shoulders were tired but I was still relaxed and no gasping. Coming out of the pool was hard though and I scraped my left knee pulling myself up. Nothing major, but I probly left some skin there. The pool ladders are taken off weekdays so you gotta pull yourself out of the pool. Anyway, it felt good and invigorating that maybe I could have this "simulated ocean swim" as a regular workout - maybe Fridays?

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arGlene said...

Everybody at home is taking VCO except me. Up to now, I'm still trying to convince myself that it's good for my health. I just can't bear the taste even if it has flavor.

Blackdove said...

Interesting! Any reported health benefits? I've just been taking it for a week and other than the immediate "bloated" sensation, I've not noticed much else.