Pics from Karen's Celebration

No Swim Today, Holy Tuesday. We celebrated Karen's Graduation last Sunday at the old watering hole. Prior, we were at Metropolis to enroll Sandra in the second batch of swimming lessons. We then bought a guitar for Che for her lessons. We had lunch near the pool. Lunch was longanisa with tomatoes, mangoes (from our tree!) and bagoong. That's Renz with his new summery haircut. Cool! The rest played cards right after lunch.
We had some 'diving for coins' games at both pools. That's Renz about to throw a 25 cent coin. Sandra would have none of it and swims to catch (grab?) it from Renz. We also had some diving at the other pool where the kids used a bead necklace. I don't know whose was it but we just found it at the bottom of the pool. It was easy to retrieve from the bottom of the pool. Maybe I'll make one just for this purpose. Too bad Che gave it a strong hurl and the thing smashed into the concrete deck and fell apart! These games are good for becoming comfortable in the water. The kids have no qualms or fears of dunking their heads in and diving for the coin since they have too much fun.
It was almost 5pm when we started packing up to leave. We proceeded to the apartment to water the plants and then to the Blessed Sacrament church where we bought palm fronds for the Palm Sunday Mass. I think it was our first time to hear mass there. From there, we went to the Mamplasan Shell station for dinner at Chowking (Karen's choice). The place was packed mostly from vacationers! We then went for ice cream over at the Caltex station's Starmart.

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What happened to the swimming videos? They were there a few days ago. Could you at least post a link? I saw the freestyle video and wanted to see the Amanda Beard video. I know it's a strain on the bandwidth but I didn't know swimming sites had these videos.

Blackdove said...

Hi Andy. I had to take them down coz they were more clutter and slow to load. Besides putting them here was more of an experiment on my part. You'll find them and plenty more at site. Enjoy!