CTM Graduation Speech

Yesterday: 50 x 5 free.
I was surprised to see a family there (3 kids, 3 adults) at the pool on a Monday morning! And they had pool toys too. Either they thought it was a Sunday or the kids/adults had no school/work. Bizarre. I was gasping for air after every lap. Effect of the week-long absence due to colds was showing. Or was it the effect of the heavy breakfast of mechado?

Today: No Swim
I delivered my graduation speech, the 10th Toastmasters Speech (Inspire Your Audience) and last speech for CTM certification) today. This is my speech about Child Sponsorship through World Vision Philippines which is part of the overall World Vision organization.

Whew! Finally over! I missed a few lines that were not crucial but would've added more interest and impact. But the speech was good! For a brief moment, I felt I was in a daze and was on autopilot. I felt that I was there but wasn't very conscious of what I was saying or doing and it was weird. I don't know if the anti-allergy pill I took was the culprit. It sure felt funny. Did I inspire them? I don't know. But for a brief nanosecond, my voice quivered a little and I thought I would choke coz I myself was moved by my own speech. But I did see some glassy/teary-eyed looks so yes, I think I've inspired them.

Later in the evening, I was invited to be evaluator at Kimberly-Clark (KCPI) TMC. I met there Area 78 Governor Bobbie Galang. She was the first evaluator and there were only two speeches. I evaluated the second speaker. This is my 3rd evaluation (Madel, Jenny, Machu) and I think I'm getting better. By smiling all throughout, I felt I was "friendlier" this time around and the audience was more receptive. I could improve though on the better choice of words.

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Anonymous said...

Sir Les...truly there is hope for the nation as long as there are people like you who find ways to help and to make a difference.

We never know what your sponsored kids will become when they grow up. Sometimes all it takes for these children to shine is hard work and someone who will believe in and care for them.
My wish is for them to become successful and someday learn the joy of helping poor children... just like what you did!

God bless you more!

Blackdove said...

Thanx for that heartwarming comment.