Two Advanced Speeches in a Row

No Swim.
I arrived very late last night (Wednesday) at Kimberly Clark due to a stalled truck in the narrow bridge at Puregold. I thought I got there 6:45 (30 mins late) and they were at the tailend of table topics. I evaluated Jon de Padua and then proceeded with my speech "That Extra Mile" - advanced speech #1, The Entertaining Speech from The Entertaining Speaker Manual. I was overtime by 2 minutes! But Lolet gave me a nice evaluation. And nopes, I didn't miss a thing! My voice quivered a little as I read the letter. Ugh, it was heart-wrenching, but I suppose nobody noticed. What I did was to read it fast.

No Swim
Felt tired at every lap and was gasping. Maybe it's fatigue.
The ACT (Alabang Community Toastmasters) club was held at Gloria Maris Restaurant in Alabang. It ended at 9:15pm last night (Thurs) as there were 5 speakers in all. I had a big task. I evaluated all 4 speakers for table topics (Neil, Viviene, Peter and Ann). And I didn't know that I had to evaluate the table topics master as well! In addition, I evaluated 2 prepared speakers Viviene and Neil (#1 and #5). I originally didn't plan on giving a speech tonight, but what the heck, I gave Toastmasters Speech #2 of The Professional Speaker Manual - Speech to Entertain. Since I was on overtime in last night's speech at Kimberly, I thought I could just add a few subtopics to my Entertaining Speech last night and talk a little more slowly. Ugh, I only spoke 12 minutes for the 15-20 mins speech. And this time, I was more relaxed, more pauses when reading the letter and so was able to control the emotions more. And the evaluation of Lolet was good!

These lengthy advanced speeches take really long to deliver! I sometimes get the feeling like I'm losing the audience. And one feedback was that my voice was fading a little towards the end. This reminds me to put in more attenion-getters (questions, vocal variety, body movement, MOVE, MOVE, MOVE) at the 10 minute mark to sustain the audience's interest. That's what I'll do for the next.
Felt so tired after my evaluation job today.

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diamondblue said...

Hi Blackdove! I was reading your other blog about being a landlord. I was wondering if you have an apartment in Ortigas or in nearby areas. My friend is looking for a place to move in to. Thanks!

Blackdove said...

Ummmm, no. They're in south of Manila (as in Laguna).

angelgirl said...

nice blog. permission to tag you ?

Blackdove said...

Hi Angelgirl. Thanx and yes, you're welcome!