Lungs Finally Clear!

Yesterday: Noon swim.

Despite the midday sun, the water was still cold. And it surprised me. So, I wore a cap. Workout wasn't too strenuous after 2 weeks of no swim due to colds and cough, I needed to transition into my former workouts. But it's certainly nice to know that the skill sets I've accomplished especially for eggbeater kicks are still there. They probly missed me there at the pool. As I was going out, Len said "malamig po?"

Did 3 hufree and it felt tiring although I managed it. Either the water's too cold (I didn't get used to it) or I've been out of the pool for too long. So I asked DH to buy me a bottle of Acete Alcanforado (Camphor Oil). With this cold weather up in the air, I'd feel better with SOME of it on my skin before and after the swim. Corz, it'll be a little hassle.

I have to do the 'Running Man' rather sparingly. I notice I feel my right knee pains in the car after the sessions where I did the 'Running Man'.

Last night I helped Che on her SpeDra (Speech and Drama) schoolwork. I was a bit fascinated by her homework. The homework called for creating a story using several words/phrases. The story could be about anything. Sounds easy. Now here's the tricky part. You need to have 5 sentences or more before you can use the words/phrases in a sentence. You get 5 bonus points if you use the words/phrases in their given sequence. The words/phrases in their given sequence are:
  1. hand
  2. bloody murder
  3. good son
  4. by a church
  5. back in the bus
  6. fondle
  7. corner of one eye
  8. bunch of people
  9. 7,500 pesos
  10. very generous
Wow, what a hodgepodge of words and phrases! If you want to see the story we weaved, click on here! You might actually like it! See all my Toastmasters Speeches online here!

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