Once More with 'Say'

We planned on going to Pampanga and so we left at around 8am. Yeah, them movies tired the kids out! We've always passed by the Total gas station at San Simon in the past but this time, we decided for a look-see. DH went to Tropical Hut to buy their yummy burger and spaghetti. The rest hanged out by the wishing well/falls and had fun throwing coins. Just not sure if they wished at all.

Here's Karen giving Sandra a spin.

In Pampanga we sang lots of songs on the Extreme Magic Sing Videoke machine. Here's Dada "The Gardener" on the mic. DH is busy looking for songs - for Sandra to sing, that is.

Later, Ninong Jess came with Say-Say. She's gained a few pounds.

Here's a shot of the two taken two years ago (Feb.7, 2005) jokingly dubbed as "The Beauty and the Driver". Notice their attire and you'll understand.

In this shot, Karen appears to be wearing some kind of a headdress with the metal grills behind hear.

Renz finds something really funny while Tita Divine coaches Say-Say on a game.

Here's them playing hide-and-seek. Here they're hiding - like they can actually hide behind some bonsai plants.

The two played hide-and-seek with the rest of the kids. Here's them playing 'it'.

Singing "Ako ay may Lobo" to the tune of "Atin Cu Pung Singsing".

Djok Taym!
(In the kitchen, lola brings out a piece of cake)
Lola: Renz, gusto mo nito?
Renz: 'No po 'yan?
Lola: Ang tawag dito ay "Food for the Gods"
Renz: Bigyan mo si Mama mo dun sa labas.
(Renz goes out, bringing the cake outside)
Renz: Mama O!
DH : Ano 'yan?
(Renz, trying so hard to recall)
Renz: Ano po 'yan... hmmm... "Good for the Bad"!

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