Night at the Movies (Museum)

After taking antibiotics 7-day Amoxicillin and Bisolvon (after no effect from Carbocisteine), I'm now feeling better. The weather's been too cold and I've not swum for 2 weeks.

It's been three times now that I notice bird poo at the rear right side of the car. I park near an open field and I suspect a large bird (by the mass of the poo) perches on the mirror.

I looked for a rag to clean when I chanced upon this small sando. I suddenly had this nostalgic flashback of DH lovingly sewing the Minnie Mouse patch on the sando for Baby CheChe! And that was 13 years ago! Now it's a piece of rag but all of them, including Renz, had worn this. Yup, Renz had the priveledge of finally ripping it.

Che, Karen and Sandra wanted to watch "Charlotte's Web" today and so we went to Festi just for that. But we were pleasantly surprised to learn there were other nice movies showing that day. There was Rob-B-Hood, Apocalypto, Eragon and Night at the Museum. After a long deliberation, it was decided that "Night at the Museum" was it! Tita Gay joined them. DH and I just agreed not to join them and instead take Renz's attention somewhere. All three of us joing wasn't too cost effective. Here's the 'movie' gang eating with us at JB.

After dinner, they proceeded to the theater while DH, Renz and I went to the hardware to look for stuff. DH looked for a ref bulb at Makati while I looked for daylight shut-off (photocell) that will work for the apartment. Well, I found one setup and I think will work! We went to the open (exhibits) area where Renz rode on a giraffe-like animal 4 times! Here's me and Renz on the giraffe.

We then proceded to Shopwise for some groceries. Apparently the giraffe-rider became hungry. Renz, the giraffe-rider and I went to the second floor at Shopwise and looked at the toys. Some of the toys we even tried. By the time we got out of shopwise, all the shops have closed. We wanted to go to Ted's but even that was closed. And so we just proceeded to the 4th floor. We didn't wait long when we saw the 'movie' gang. They were all excited to tell stories about the movie! Ah well, at least they enjoyed themselves.

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