What a shitty week that was! I was having this cold for a week. And the office? Ugh. Just need to keep the sense of humor intact.

Foundation Day at LaCo
Too bad we didn't get to LaCo in time for Sandra's number for their foundation day, "Polka sa Nayon" last Saturday. It was a double whammy when we found out they even won the Overall Championship. Anyway, we had to content ourselves with taking Sandra's pic with the trophy. Funny though, when I asked the kids to pose with their adviser, another parent of one of the kids came rushing to take a photo too. Apparently, the winners were just recently announced.

Later in the afternoon, Sandra and Renz won for themselves Php700 and it was just for singing Baltimora's "Tarzan Boy". Tita Ella had a Housewarming event and there was a videoke. An elderly gentleman offered Php500 to anyone who can get a score of 97 from the machine. After 10 singers who all had good scores (some higher than 97), it was only the duet of Dada and Renz who managed to get the exact score! They were all amused by the tandem and so the gentleman gave Renz Php200 as a bonus. Wow, Dada, this was YOUR day! Pa-blowout naman!

On the homefront. I caught this little boy sleeping on the floor.

Tita Gay bought a red toy for Sandra. It is a knock-off of the popular Tamagochi. I wondered how much it was while looking at the package.

Dyok Taym!
Me: Magkano kaya ito?
Renz: Sa "pesos" po? Alam ko po.
Me: O, talaga? Magkano?
(Renz, looking at the package's back)
Renz: Eto po, 4 pesos.
Me: 4 pesos?! Ang mura naman!
Renz: Ay, ano po... 5 pesos.
Me: 5 pesos? Bakit ang mura?
Still incredulous, I looked at the back of the carton and discovered that there were 5 models of the toy. The black version was labeled "1". The blue one labeled "2", the green was "3". Labeled "4" and "5" had red colors.

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