Crocs and Transformers

We went to swim at the pool today. But before that we went to Festival to look for a new radio for me. I gave away my old (still new though) radio to Che who I noticed would always get DH's small transistor to use in the bedroom. We also went to get the mini-transformer toys from Jollibee. We didn't get the radio from Festival but I got a new pair of walking sandals or Crocs worth Php1750. There were pairs of candy-like colors but the pair I got is the beach model colored army-green.

We got all the mini-transformers except one - the Jetfire.

Here's the gang at break from the pool with corn:

Dada and Renz with Renz amused with his "magic" trick.

I got out of the pool earlier coz I was drafting a speech for Che - My Most Memorable Experience. Not only that, I have a small wound I got between my pointy finger and thumb on the left hand. Maybe I'll take a break tomorrow from swimming.

After much driving, we finally got the radio at Waltermart Sta. Rosa which surprisingly had a bigger selection of portable radios. There I got a slightly bigger one - hopefull the reception is better.

Toastmasters update:
I was supposed to leave earlier last Friday and skip the first Toastmasters meeting for the year. I wasn't feeling very well coz I've been awake since 3:00am that day. Some idiot decided to burn garbage at odd hours and some smoke was getting through the windows. Not only that, my heels were a little sore. Anyway, I just decided against going home early to see what's up with the meeting. With the media-blitz campaign I spearheaded and put a lot of time into, I wanted to know at least how it impacted employees. I saw some 20 or more people in the conference room and THAT made me change my mind and proceeded to join in. Honestly I didn't expect that much people.

But if the idea is that those who attended are those who are genuinely interested, I'm not too encouraged with the turnout.
  1. Except maybe for 2 or 3 people there, they were all the 'hakot' types, meaning, they were there only because their boss asked them to. And frankly, only 2 bosses did that. If these bosses are out, well, so are the hakots. And there goes the club.
  2. None of the previous active members were there. This, despite a plea to help revive the club. Nopes, none of them is interested anymore - not to help, not even to be there.
  3. The Cinderella syndrome. For a first meeting, a bunch just suddenly rose and left coz it was 5:30am and time to go catch the shuttle. That was just 20 minutes into the meeting scheduled for 1.5 hours and they didn't even speak yet! Hmmm, maybe it's REALLY time to rethink the sked.

Dyok Taym!
(DH and I were comparing my Crocs against her Crocs knock-offs which I jokingly called 'Cracs'. Renz overheard us in the conversation)
Renz: Alam ko po kung bakit Crocs ang tawag sa shoes ni Papa at Cracs kay Mama.
(corz we were both amazed how he would know anything about product imitation)
DH: Ow? Talaga? Bakit?
Renz: Kasi po, ang 'Crocs' pang 'boy'. Ang 'Cracs' pang 'girl'!

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