Staff Presentation

No Swim. It was raining and gloomy.

I gave my presentation for our project's system design today and it was fantastic!

A mistake I made though was to put too much text on the slides. They're less than what others would present, but in hindsight, I should've just removed them all or made them less conspicuous and relied on my mastery of the subject which is more than adequate anyway.

Eye contact was there, gestures, vocal variety, and more. There wasn't much body movement though, coz the screen was huge and there was no other place I could move. I thought some of the staff found the presentation relaxed, funny even. There was the anti-climactic sudden flipping of the slides on the part that I said was exciting. There was a part about the "look only, no touch" on the expense reports. There was creative use of the term "CBD" which only meant "Cannot Be Done". It went really well for me. Credit goes to toastmasters and I made that clear to folks who commended me:

MM said 'Ang galing mo naman!'
JP said 'Good presentation. It's clear and you took out the irrelevant slides'
AD said 'Modulated ang voice, malinaw kang magsalita! Meron lang repetition sa mga slides mo.'
HK (an unlikely person to compliment) said 'dre, gamit-na-gamit mo yung pagiging Toastmasters mo, ah'

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