The Velcro Connection

We went to pickup Sandra's report card yesterday, Saturday. Her grades have gotten better in the 3rd grading period. We also went to SM Southmall since DH wanted to get some "Cracs" for mommy. What she looked for wasn't in stock. Me, I bought some boybands videoke cds. I also looked for the adaptor with sensor but the Ace there didn't carry it. Maybe only Handyman carries it. I also found a low-wattage night light with sensor at Ace but didn't have the white color.

On the way home, we had merienda at Billones. We got Goto, Tokwa't Baboy, Sago. Me, I had rice and lumpiang togue. Here's a shot I took of the hungry pack.

That shot took some attention though. My camera is enclosed in a tight camera case and is secured by velcro as shown in this entry. Naturally, opening the velcro creates a distinct "velcro ripping" sound. The kids are familiar with that sound by now and immediately recognize it as a camera about to take a picture. I overheard Che whisper to Renz: "Huwag kang titingin kay Papa. Kukuhanan ka ng picture." Hence, nobody faced me here. Hmmm, maybe it's time to change to a silent camera case where there's no sound to alert the subject. Well, here's Karen below:

Che and Karen taught me some tips on MS-Word! And it is something to do with Outline Numbered lists. For the longest time, I've been confused in creating these #$%^&* bullets! It really helps that kids nowadays study Windows Powerpoint in their computer subjects. Thanx Che and Karen for teaching me!

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