Che's J-S Prom as a Junior

After some last minute preparations (hunting for a gown to use), it's finally Che's prom night. I quickly sneaked out of the office around 4:30pm. JP was having the birthday bash at MOA (more rounds of "buling-lingan" or bowling) and I've already excused myself from that.

We reached Bellevue Hotel at around 5:40pm. Gemma and her mom went with us. We skipped the "retouch" appointment with the parlor coz the girls looked fine already. As I did in the service awards night, we parked at the basement and then proceeded to the lobby.

Juniors were wearing pink and seniors were wearing blue gowns. Usherettes were wearing green. Here's Che with Gemma.

Right before the cotillon, DH and I decided to leave to go to Festival mall for our pre-valentine's dinner date (not that there would be a valentine's date).

As usual, it was our time to eat at Ted's. After that we went to watch National Treasure - Book of Secrets which I'd give a 2 out of 5.

It's like a modern Indiana Jones - but without the universal appeal. You'd probly like it it if you like American History.

After the movie which ended at around 11pm we went back to the hotel and was in time for the last dance. There were lots of picture taking and I suppose all the kids were happy.

My body soreness has gone. The "flu-like" symptoms (feverish in the evenings) are all gone too. Maybe it's psychological or coincidental but I've been taking Taheebo tea in the prior days.

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arGlene said...

Wow, you're definitely a proud Dad and she a happy daughter bec her parents are with her.

During my prom way back eons ago (he he) We don't have our parents with me.

arGlene said...

Oh that Sir. To be honest, I was kinda shy to ask you, your email add to invite you. You see, I decided to keep my blog private. :p I do hope you understand.

Anonymous said...

Kuya Les, your eldest looks really beautiful in that gown... I'm sure having her parents at the prom would be a beautiful memory that would last her a lifetime!!!

Blackdove said...

Hi Lene!
No need to be shy. My email is blackdove212-at-hotmail-dot-com. You could also use the EMAIL ME! button at the right column of the blog. Hope to visit your blog again!

Blackdove said...

Hi Karen, kumusta na? I thought we'll have a brief get-together this Feb! Hindi na kayo uuwi? DH and I are planning to go to Indonesia this Holy Week. Ala lang - 20th anniversary kasi namin this year.
Thanx for the note. Magaling talaga yung bading sa parlor, ano? Honestly we wanted to stay longer and watch the cotillon and other dances, but then we also wanted to give her space and time with her friends, kaya nag-date na lang kami ni DH sa Ted's Batchoy. :) Regards to Manol!