Could it be Piriformis Syndrome? Sciatica?

The doctor that looked me up last week didn't come in today. I was complaining of some dull pain near my right butt at the hip area. And last week he suggested a pain-reliever, Mobic 15 gms, for 5 days - and hot compress.

Well, it's been over a week and the dull pain still goes on and off. I can even feel a slight muscle pull on my hip with my fingers as I walk.

I've searched over the internet and the closest that describes the pain is Piriformis Syndrome. The pain could extend towards the lower leg when the Sciatic nerve is irritated - or Sciatica - which could be worse because the pain can be excruciating.

It is much like the pain that I felt when I worked under a unit's sink in the apartment. My whole body was all scrunched up under the sink and I knew my vertabrae was not in the best position when I felt this searing pain that ran through my right leg. Ugh.

Anyway the pic below shows where the piriformis muscle is and where the pain is.

There are many exercises that can be done to stretch the piriformis with different positions, supine, prone, etc. But by far the simplest stretch I've seen that can be done anywhere is in a sitting position as shown below:

The nice thing about this exercise is you could even position the warm compress (hot water bottle for me) and sit on it. Isn't that convenient?

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Howard Boon said...

Nice stretch.
I am a firm believer in gentle exercises, stretching and posture correction for a healthy back. I have posted some very basic exercises to my blog.

Hope you don’t mind me putting a link.

All the best

Howard Boon