A New Stepper

I bought a Balance Stepper for family exercise this summer. This is the lateral balance stepper that's advertised by Tony Little as the "Rock and Roll" Stepper.

We tried the stepper at the JB Sports at the Alabang Town Center. I must admit it was hard for me to get used to the feeling of the sideways rocking motion. But this exercise equipment seems to give a good cardio workout.

Will the kids use it as a form of aerobic exercise? Well I hope so for its price of Php2385. DH is very good at using this.

Even the store sales guy was impressed. It comes with a floor mat. The lateral balance stepper's base doesn't pickup as much dirt when it's on the mat.

Here's Sandra using the lateral balance stepper at home.

After Renz's appointment with the dentist, we had lunch at the food court where we had Mongolian.

I don't remember birds flying inside the food court the last time I was there. But yep, there they were. These were common house birds that perched on the aluminum frame of the food court's open ceiling.

They didn't fly low to the tables but I imagined the health issue should one of them decide to poop while above a table.

Here's a happy face from Renz.

While at JB Sports, it did cross my mind that Che and the other kids may not pick up the idea of using the balance stepper for cardio exercise to lose weight.

But I was prepared to use it myself. I sure didn't want to waste that money on the exercise equipment, so I had this firm resolve to really learn how to balance on it.

UPDATE: Here's a my lengthier review of the balance stepper.

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