Anti-Rabies Vaccination Day for Dogs

Today was the vaccination day for the neighborhood dogs. We've been anticipating this coz it's Poochie's first time to be vaccinated at 8 months. I believe this is a yearly project spearheaded by Dr. Pam Hernandez, our architect's veterinarian-daughter who works at Muntinlupa City Hall. For just Php50, a dog gets vaccinated and is good for a year.

Quite a lot turned up for today. Luckily we were listed at number 15. That's Toto in the blue shirt under the tent administering the injections. There were dogs of all breeds and sizes. Most had leashes and some were carried. Some owners came with small dogs in pet cages. I even mistook a small dog for a cat.

I can see 12 dogs in the above photo. How many can you spot? There was one huge dog though that caught everyone's attention and it's this brown dog. Don't know the breed though.

Most owners took care as not to let 2 male dogs come together coz some dogs were in a "fighting mood". Here's one pooch who just resisted going anywhere, putting on all 4 foot brakes. The owner practically dragged this dog everywhere he went until it was time for the execution injection.

At home with the vaccination papers. Thank you Dr. Pam for this worthwhile project!

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i-Observer said...

Nice picture of you and your dog and also Happy B'day to DH. Looks like we're both March 16! I enjoy reading your blog... been doing it quite a while actually. I hope you feel better.

Blackdove said...

Thanx for dropping by, foto.bongbong and belated happy b-day! Cough is almost gone. I remember an age-old remedy and that's to gargle warm saline solution 2 to 3 times a day.

i-Observer said...

Good to hear that you're feeling better. By the way - forgot to mention that it's me... Bong Concepcion your batchmate from Don Bosco.

Blackdove said...

Hi Bong! Welcome! How are you? Have you retired?

i-Observer said...

Yes, I've retired from the service and now work for the VA Medical Center. It's a nice laid back job that gives me time to work on my photography, blogging and do volunteer work with a couple of non-profit organizations and reading other people's blog like yours.

I enjoy reading about your swimming and the series on your new house was very good.