Stop the Caulking Gun from Passing more Sealant

In the first few projects I did where I used a caulking gun, it wasn't a pleasant experience. I wasted too much sealant coz in my zeal to get the sealant out, I pulled the trigger hard. Unfortunately, after stopping to check my work, the sealant kept oozing out. I didn't have anyone to guide me and I thought that stopping pulling the trigger will stop the flow. Nopes.

After pulling the trigger, the plunger (metal rod that pushes the tube's bottom) locks and does not retract. There is remaining pressure on the sealant material and that's what keeps the sealant flowing. The result? Huge wastage!

Anyway, after inspecting the gun, I realized the release tab at the back of the gun that allows you to pull the plunger also allows you to release the pressure on the sealant material inside the tube. So the best thing to do after each rest or stop, push on that release tab with your thumb as shown below. Then pull back the plunger a little to ease up the push on the tube.

For more info on how to use a caulking gun click on here.

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