How to Repair and Seal Holes in Concrete Wall

Just like in the previous entry on repairing cracks on the wall, our blank wall also had some holes.

But unlike the cracks, these are smaller and rounder holes. These were left behind when big nails that were used to support the scaffold were pulled out.

In the photo below, the screwdriver points to one of these holes.

With the screwdriver inserted, it shows the hole to be around 3 inches deep.

Mortar won't get in easily into this hole in the wall but a masonry sealant will do the job. Use a caulking gun and insert the nozzle into the hole.

Ensure that the hole is completely filled with sealant. Avoid wastage of sealant material as discussed in this entry.

Press on the excess sealant material with your index finger to flatten it flush to the wall as shown below. Ensure the sealant dries thoroughly.

You can see the spot on the wall where the patching was done because the sealant has a different color. How to match the sealant's color to the rest of the wall? Click on this entry.

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