Super Marlin Speedo Goggles - Almost Good as New

I was starting to worry that all my old Super Marlin Goggles would be totally useless. That's the other reason I bought a new pair on sale.

I've had the 3 Speedo pairs (2 blue and 1 amber) more than 4 years ago and I've stopped using them because of they got too blurry. I've described this problem in this entry. It got so frustrating that when I lost a black pair which had the same problem, I wasn't too disappointed.

Anyway, the blurring is similar to what happened to my Adidas-Storm goggles below.

On the inside, you can feel the portion to be rough. Of course the pair was all nice and clear when I got them. And so I got frustrated when this happened - just like what happened to the Super Marlin Speedo goggles.

So, what's this rough blurry stuff? My initial suspicion many years ago about the glass deforming (or spidering as I called it) wasn't correct. That blurry part is lime scale gunk or something similar. I don't know where it came from although it may be from pool water. Apparently I didn't do much goggle cleaning after swimming. If you notice, the gunk settle at the outer area of the lens and I assume this was because of how the goggle is stored.

How did I confirm it was lime scale gunk? Well, a week ago I bought a lime scale remover called Simple Green Lime Scale Remover and this was for the purpose of cleaning bathroom faucets. I tried a few drops on the inside of the goggle lens and viola! A few minutes later, the gunk simply lifted after scratching the inside with my fingernail.

So after cleaning all the lenses, this his how they all looked like. Sadly, I didn't manage to get all the blurriness out but hey, it was still a big improvement!

Of course I had to disassemble the goggles to do that. And looking above, I have an extra blue lens. Why do I have an extra blue lens? It happened when its partner lens broke at the hook. Reminder to self - do not pull hard on the lens when adjusting. The lens hook for the nose piece is the lens' weakest part.

So now I have an extra 3 pairs again!

Go ahead, post your comment below!

Anonymous said...

Hi Blackdove,

Good info.. Maybe I cause this lime scale remover on my aquarium.


Blackdove said...

I was initially turned off by the Lime Scale Remover price because it cost Php349. But since all others I tried like glass cleaners, rubbing compound and WD40 (petroleum distillates) did not work, I researched on this product and bought one. Remarkably, it's effective. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

how come when i cleaned my son's goggles, they scratched on the interior? i used an environmentally friendly window cleaner and a cotton cloth - we just purchased the goggles today, he wore them at the pool, got sunscreen on them and now they are ruined - literally scratched from a simple rubbing after applying the cleaner. any advice on how to clean children's speedo swimming goggles? thanks!

Blackdove said...

Hi there. Sorry to hear that they were ruined especially since they were just new. I don't think they'd easily get scratched from simple cleaning though. My goggles which I used a lot only had hairline scratches (no big deal). The big problem was the lime deposit that was affecting vision. My advise on cleaning goggles is to wash it thoroughly under running water (not pool water) after swimming. If you need to remove watermarks, use baby shampoo and rub with fingers. Rinse and then air dry.

Unknown said...

hi! im glad to see it worked for u! but it isnt working for me :(

i put some on but nothing its just stuck there and bluring my vision!!

there tyr brand new goggles... :;( a waist of 17 bucks....

Unknown said...

i got a solution! i think...

i put the spray and then scrubbed with a electric tooth brush!... it got most of the shaIt off but now its all scratched {but not 2 scratched... i can see clear... better then nothing}

thnx your a genius i looked all over the net for a solution! I KNEW MY SPORTS STORE WONT LET ME GIVE THEM BACK SO THNX LOADS MAN!!!

Blackdove said...

Hi elnatan. You're welcome. No sense buying new pairs when you could clean the gunk out.