Sinusuwerte (Getting Lucky)

Around this month of last year, we got Poochie as a puppy. Since we were just renting back then, we didn't have much space and she had to settle outside at the garage.

And the garage wasn't even fully covered. That meant she got wet and cold when the typhoon rains came.

But she survived.

Now, a year later, the dog's becoming too spoiled. With the new house, she's got a bigger place to roam. The garage's roof extends to the dirty kitchen and so that's plenty of space for her to sleep without getting wet.

However, she seems to want more. She's restricted outside of the house (within the gate), but manages to slip by the front and kitchen doors occasionally to lay by the doormat.

At the first clap of thunder, she'd bark. With stronger thunderclaps, she'd scratch and paw at the door, wanting to get in. This is a far cry from the "basang-sisiw" puppy we got last year. This dog's getting too spoiled.

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