Slow 6-Beat Kicking

For me to perform the drills for bilateral breathing, I have to do 6-beat kicks.

Maybe it's just me.

But because the one armed drills and fist drills are a bit restrictive on body movement, I tend to sink easily. So by keeping the legs kicking constantly via the 6-beat kick, I'm able to keep myself afloat and more stable.

Here's how the 6-beat kick in freestyle looks like:

However, I've become accustomed to a quick rhythm when kicking 6-beats. I'm in no way fast, but it's just something I did. So when I attempted to swim slow using 6-beat kicks, it threw me off. It felt very odd since I only did 2-beats (if at all) when swimming freestyle. I had to do several laps and then finally got the groove of it.

I learned that when swimming slow, a 6-beat kick with a bigger amplitude helps. I just need to be aware of body alignment though so as not to fishtail.

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Anonymous said...

nice vids sir, magsswimming lessons din ako next week and i hope matuto din ako,im already 30 and baka mahirap nang matuto :-)

Blackdove said...

Thanx. Actually, I took lessons at a much later age than 30. So go for it.

Anonymous said...

really, kasi kahit magfloating di ako marunong, had a bad experience kasi nung bumaha sa place namin and decided na magaral magswimming

Blackdove said...

Yup. Saan ba yung inyo na bumaha? Dahil kay Ondoy? Anyway, that's good enough reason to swim!