Enrollment at UP Diliman 2010

Early in the morning, DH went to Alabang Medical Center (formerly Muntinlupa Doctors Clinic) to have the additional x-rays for her injury at UP Diliman. The sister of the drunken driver was trying to rush us to give them the amount of medical expenses.

We left at around 8 am to hopefully finish the last leg of Che's enrollment in UP Diliman. Little did we expect that the process of shifting course and campus would be so laborious and time-consuming.

Course and Campus Transfer

Che already completed 2 semesters in UP Manila taking up BA Development Studies in her first year. She also took Math 17 during summer and got a grade of 1.0. Wow, go Che!

Naturally, we were elated when she received her acceptance letter to the MME department (Materials, Mining, Metallurgical). The course stated in the letter, however, was Mining Engineering.

No worries we thought, because there is a strong chance she can still shift to Materials Engineering.

So at almost 9 am, we were at UP Diliman. Luckily, Che had her UP Manila Student Id Card. We were able to breeze through the Schuster gate after showing the card to the guard. Being new, it took me a while to get our bearings inside the campus.

Crowds and Lines at the Admissions Office

After seeing the street behind the Admissions Office, I knew there were plenty of enrollees. The parked cars stretch all the way to the end of the street and so we had to walk a little farther just to get to the building.

There was quite a crowd milling and waiting in various stages of enrollment at the ground floor already. Che queued in line for the Cashier while DH and I waited at the ground floor.

There were other non-UP students there, mostly 4th year High School students, this being UPCAT season. So they were there for the UPCAT application forms.

It was already 2 hours when we sensed how terribly slow the whole process was. Imagine, this was just to pay tuition fee at the cashier. We couldn't do much to complain since parents were really not allowed at the 3rd floor where the cashier was.

The line started at the cashier's office, went through the hallway of the 3rd floor twice, went down the stairwells, along the hallway of the 2nd floor twice, down the stairwell again, and finally to the ground floor.

By 11 am, the guards at the building lobby were shooing away the newcomers telling them they won't meet the 4 pm cutoff for the cashier.

Credits for Subjects Taken

Che finally completed everything at around 1 pm. We had lunch outside the College of Engineering near where we parked. There, Che submitted a form for her transfer and was asked to go to the Math Building to have her Math subject credited.

The roads going to the Math Building seemed new. The building itself is a bit far and near the CP Garcia gate. It also took a while to get things done there because the staff was on break (ugh).

Imagine our surprise when DH got a text from the drunken driver's sister, asking us to meet up with them right there at UP and go to Camp Karingal!

After being busy and tired the whole day, DH was certainly in no mood to go to Camp Karingal again for these people. DH shut off her cellphone and right after Che completed her business at the Math Building, we headed for home.

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