DIY Christmas Reindeer Antler Headband - Part 4

(This is the continuation from Part 3)

  1. Again, apply glue in no longer than 3-inch length segments to avoid the glue from hardening prematurely.

  2. After each application of hot glue, press on the segment firmly so there are no open gaps along the perimeter of the antler outline.

    Repeat the same procedure above for the other antler of the headband.

  3. When the antlers pair has been completed, place the pair on the desired position on the headband. A distance of around 3 inches between the two antlers' bases is usually enough.

  4. Make a mental mark on the headband and proceed to attach the first antler. While pressing the base of the antler to its position along the headband with the left hand, bend one wire back and around the headband with your thumb and index finger with the right hand as shown below.

    Ensure the wire is caught in between the teeth of headband to prevent it from sliding along tghe length of the headband.

  5. The remaining tip of the wire could be further coiled around the headband by using a pair of long nose pliers. The tip of the wire should be not protruding so as not to scratch the head or injure the wearer.

  6. Check that the antler does not move back and forth. Tighten the wire's grip on the headband if it is too loose. Repeat the preceding step to the other antler.

    Once the antlers are securely affixed, then the antler headband is ready to be worn.

Putting Christmas Decorations on the Reindeer Antlers

This is a personal preference and an optional step. I simply chose to decorate the antlers with sparkling decorations because the reindeers were supposed to be magical, weren't they?

Exercise care so as not to let the decorative elements detract too much from the antler-like appearance of the Christmas headband. There are actually plenty of decorative Christmas materials and colors to choose from. I just chose what is available to me.


  • Big flower-shaped sequins - 1 pc. You only need one piece for one headband. One piece will be cut in two. Other patterns you may use are star-shaped, round-shaped, etc.
  • Decorative crystals - 6 pcs. Sometimes these are called sparkling gems or stones. One antler has three horns and there are two antlers. So you will need six of these.


  • Scissors
  • Tweezers


  1. Take one flower sequin and cut it in two. One half of the sequin will be used for one antler and the other half on the other antler. So they automatically have the same color.

  2. Using a pair of tweezers, pick six crystals from the container or pad. If they have sticky adhesive film at the back, ensure that the sticky film is left on the pad. The crystals will be fastened to the antler using hot glue.

  3. Pick one-half of the flower sequin and put hot glue on its back at the center. Be careful not to put too much glue as it could warp or result in a bulge on the sequin.

    Carefully attach the sequin at the base of the antler as shown below. Do the same to the other antler.

  4. With a pair of tweezers, pick up one of the crystals and apply thin hot blue on the bottom of the crystal.

  5. Carefully position the crystal near the tip of the antler horn. Avoid dropping the crystal with the hot glue.

    Apply hot glue on the remaining five crystals and position them on the remaining horns.

  6. The Christmas reindeer antler headband is now ready to be worn.

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